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Go on, take that introductory flight

Your first experience will be an introductory flight with you as passenger ranging from 30 minutes to an hour or more. You choose. From here you will decide if it's right for you to continue onto training or not. If not, you would have had a great time flying with us. Remember to take your camera!

Microlight Adventures is a flight school at the Petit airfield (FARA) which comprises of a few sections of expertise. These sections being training for your microligh tor LSA pilots license, aircraft sales, annual ATF (Authority to fly), AP inspections and a wide product range relating to all aspects of aviation.The school was founded in 1987.

The school is run by Andy Kaspersen who has been training students for some 40 years. Andy is a qualified AP and a wide range of services and products are available through him such as the Icom range of radio's, the Rotax 582 and 912 range of engines and Intercom systems.

We will train you right up until solo flight, where upon you will need your own aircraft to continue. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure the purchase of a suitable aircraft at the right price.

microlight adventures

What is required to complete my license?

To obtain your pilot license the following is required:
- Minimum age of 17 years.
- Minimum of 25 hours training on a Microlight and 30 hours for a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). More if required before going solo. Most students require a few extra hours.
- One day restricted radio course (offered through us).
- a Further 15 hours solo flight in your own aircraft.
- Cross-country navigation test (offered through us).
- Medical examination class 4. Most people will get a medical certificate lasting for 3 years. Depends on person to person.
- Passing of 8 multiple choice exams to be written at RAASA ( Correct study materials can be provided through us.
- Required to have a medium to good understanding of the English language.

How long will the entire training take?

That depends on you, the student. Training is not to be rushed. We need to ensure you become a safe and responsible pilot. The more hours you put in a week, the faster the course could be completed. It is quite possible for an average student to complete the course in three months - or sometimes even less. Everyone is different, some learn faster than others.

This does not mean that you will become less of a flying ace though. Age, mindset, regular training etc. all influence your progress. As a student you also need to pass 8 multiple choice exams as setup by RAASA (Recreational Aviation Assosiation of SA). They are easy if you study for a few hours per subject. We are also there to help answer and explain your concerns and uncertainty over exam subject content.

Bottom line: you don't need to be a genius to fly!

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