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What am I in for?

Your introductory flight rates are R1850 per hour or R1100 for 30 minutes or R800 for 20 minutes. If it's not for you, well, at least you had an awesome flight.

Flying is more affordable than you think.

Weight-shift Microlights are the cheapest way to take off in a motorised aircraft for 2 people. They can be purchased in a very good used condition for around R100,000. a New unit is around R370,000.
LSA (Light Sport Aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 600Kg) 2-seater aircraft can be purchased in good condition for around R450,000. a New unit is around R850,000. We are there to advice you on making a safe and proper purchase whatever you choose.
It's also important to know that by the time you are ready for solo flying, you'll need your own aircraft to do so.

We will discuss the hourly training rates when you made your decision after the introductory flight.
Other costs are:
- Medical certificate from an accredited doctor.
- One day restricted radio course.
- Annual Aero Club Membership fee.
- Annual ICASA radio license fee.
- RAASA examination fee for 6 subjects.
- Some relevant study books and other material for the exams.
- Higher data bills from your service provider due to excessive pictures sent to friends and family.

The above costs are once-off and cheap.

To put it in context: Full WCM microlight training and all other assosiated cost including a good used microlight with accessories could cost you less than R190,000!

Contact Andy on 082 6517317 or email